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Hi. I'm Nur Rishah, seventeen, still! An architecture student at IIUM.

Nightmare at Bachok}
17 May 2017 | 9:12 PM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum & hello I'm in my room, as usual at this hour. Every day. I'll just be in my room doing nothing; or you know texting my friends, reading, looking at myself in the mirror. So many things to do in just one room, eh. By the way, talking of my phone, it's my new phone ibu bought me before SPM. It took me a few minutes before buying the phone though. Because just about 2 weeks before buying it, you see my friends, teachers and I went to Bachok. It was like a camping trip except we didnt really sleep in tents because the place we stayed at was exacty next to a beautiful stunning wonderful beach. The girls slept in a dorm, dua tingkat. Bilik kami kat tingkat 2, it was just for the girls just because lebih ramai dari lelaki and teachers. The boys and the teachers pulak duduk in a semi-D homestay. The homestay is not too far from our dorm, it's behind our dorm + kanan sedikit. But bilik girls kat tingkat 2 so it took us more than 20 steps jugak to reach the homestay. Meanwhile in front of the dorm there was khemah, under it ada meja and dapur so the girls(including me surprisingly) cooked for the whole students and teachers but there were only 3 teachers so nothing to be proud of. Plus the meals that we cooked tu mcm mihun goreng aje. The boys only had to be imam time solat tapi actually Aziz was the only one who imamkan. And when the teachers asked why all the boys were like "Aziz gi Mekoh doh." (Aziz went to Makkah). Nice try. Now I know why you all are so evil, because you've never stepped a foot in Makkah. What a good excuse hahahahah. So nak jadikan cerita & nightmare that night lol after celebrating Farah's and Ain's birthday(I brought a guitar with me so yes there was a beautiful song I sang for them just to let you know :p) we ate the cake that Tikah, Mekcah Una & others made it themselves! With a box of apollo(plastik kuning) and ada cream covered the cake and then they hias the cake with kitkat. The tastiest do it yourself cake(literally) I've ever tasted. But whatever stop with the cake thing I'm craving for it. Anyway, after that we all went to bed. My bed was exactly next to the bathroom. Which was scary to me hahaha. So I switched my bed, I slept near the windows. Beds semua double-decker and so the bed that I chose was in between 3 beds. Which means there were 2 beds on my left and one on the right. Farah also switched her bed, she chose the one next to mine. Bawah kipas, so comfortoble, at first. Actually Beto switched her bed first and then I too decided to do the same thing just because my previous one was very far from the fan and i thought it'd be freaking hot at night. Pfft. Only Sanah didnt switch her bed, she slept alone at her bed without Farah, Beto and I. Yang lain semua beds sebelah kiri, our original beds were sebelah kanan near the bathroom and now after switching beds, beds kami tiga orang aje yg dekat tingkap, dekat koridor. Ada 4 katil, and there were 3 of us in them. Tidur kat katil tingkap atas. I fell asleep at about 1.50 am, Farah a few minutes after me. And Beto pulak paling lewat kot, 3 am. I put my phone under my pillow. Dont know why I did that but I had a strange feeling that night. I held my phone because I was worried it'd fall down even though katil Farah and Beto were very very close to mine. The gaps were small even a phone would not fall down. But baik mencegah! Anyway Farah ada dua phones, the one that she loved the most tengah charge when she was sleeping, the other one buat dengar lagu she put it beside her pillow, which was pretty close with my phone. Phone yg dia charge tu pun kat tepi bantal jgk because suis ada kat atas kepala dia je. So mimpi2 indah pun tibaaaa. And then! Katil bergegar macam earthquake, I was awake! :p I heard Farah she said "Rishah jangelah bising." (Rishah shut up) But it wasnt me clearly since I too was awake due to the quake. So tak lain tak bukan, I said "Beto lah! Beto diamlah." and then it was quiet. I fell asleep. "Rishah, rishah!" Fuhh macam novel puleks dialog banyak. Farah woke me up and I was very sleepy so I didnt care lol. And then she said something that woke me up, fast. "Phone aku takda." And poof I sat down. Dengan rambut macam kena renjatan letrik. It made me wonder, how takda? "Phone mana?" And she said the one yg tgh charge. So I said jatuh kot... The only thing that could possibly happen, in my opinion. Because takkanlah ada orang curi? And then she said yg tingkap terbukak. I didnt mind that at first because maybe petang tu lupa tutup. Sorry WAS not a out of the box thinker lol. Farah macam dah curious fikir bukan2 but I tried to calm her. Wondered what time it was, so I took my phone under my pillow but nope wasnt there. And then I thought takkanlah jatuh jugak. So I went under my bed to search for Farah's and my phones. Werent there. Werent anywhere. Dah cemas dah time tu and then I went back to my bed. And I started thinking abt the window Farah talked abt. I put my hand out of it, because ada langsir so couldnt really see if the window was open, so nak check hanya dgn hulur tangan jelah. Little was I shocked and scared. Yes it scared the shit out of me. My heart was beating very fast I thought it'd blow up. But I didnt really want to make it blow so I said ada kot bwh katil terjatuh. Pfft, still. Very. Clever. And then Farah and I woke everyone else up. So yes cari2 tak jumpa and then Asmak went to the bathroom. Dalam bathroom(well bkn exactly bathroom tpi mcm toilet), dalam toilet tu ada satu pintu utk keluar. Asmak masuk dlm toilet terus terjerit bcs she saw pintu tu tak tertutup. Apa lgi semua lari bucu bilik and I found it funny so I laughed but then I stopped because ramai kawan yg menangis. I felt horrible. Anyway we ran down ke homestay cikgu and told everything abt what had happened and yeah! Phone farah dgn my phone hilang. Couldnt do anything since Bachok isnt a small town. Btw I wrote this months ago, and I left it in draft, didnt have the time to finish this. So here it is! P/s Farah is an iPhone user now so no worries lol. Even if it was a terrible and traumatic thing to happen, it was actually a good memory. Idk apa yg aku meroyan hahahaha. Okay bye! :#