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Hi. I'm Nur Rishah, seventeen, still! An architecture student at IIUM.

School holidays?}
17 December 2016 | 12:47 AM | 0Comment

Assalamualaikum & hello. I'm currently in my bed. I dont even know whats running on my mind at this hour. I dont really sleep at nights. Guess that makes me a night person. Last night, well, technically, this morning, I fell asleep at 6. Not because I couldnt, but it was because i was watching a movie with my brozzzz. Anyhoo, it feels weird, falling asleep every night, with a thought, "It's okay if you stay up a bit longer Rishah, you have no school tomorrow." Yes, school holidays! Holidays? Are these days still considered as school holidays? I have no idea. I'm mad, but all the best people are HAHA! I think I just miss my friends, my classmates, my teachers, my schoolmates who i dont even talk to. Seeing them at school makes me feel like im safe, at least. But, i'll not be surrounded by them anymore next year. Time flies so fast I feel like going through the looking glass and find time, use the chronosphere once, go back to 2015 when i was at school having fun with my friends just to feel alive again. Shouldve cherished every moment spent with them, by talking, laughing and doing anything that can strengthen the relationships between us. How I wish, if I could, I should, I would. But enough with the nonsense my mind asked my fingers to write! How was life? Alright, my life has been, fun. Sad. Tough. Annoying. Mad. A moron. Fucked. Whoa those perfectly describe how my life has been these past few years! Hahaha. Well, the past is nothing to worry about, the present and the future are something. The now; same old same old. Makan tidur main game repeat every single freaking day. So to describe life in the now, lifeless. So yeah dont know what to talk abt anymore ive to watch my fav korean drama(yes i know how typical of a 17 year old to be addicted to a k-drama but please understand my situation i am bored as hellllll) eventhough tak ada subtitle but im desperate thank you for being an understanding stalker/reader/follower/blogger/person/etc. Got to go. And i'll write as soon as posibble. P/s: i like reading now, well i always have but not like this, took me 5 hours to finish reading a cecelia ahern's book; that must mean something. Goodbye anyway! Thanks for reading. My mind. Lol.