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Hi. I'm Nur Rishah, seventeen, still! An architecture student at IIUM.

Someone hacking me ='(}
25 August 2011 | 4:29 PM | 0Comment

My second facebook, had been hacked by someone that selfish and hate me, and also jelous wif me. But why?
Did I do sumthim wrong? Kenape?????? I've try to open the facebook for several tyme! But can't! I hate who is hacking mine! Why? They can't do it by themselves?! No hacking! I hate hacker!

They post something at my wall.! DDDD=
But, It doesn't me. All my friends thought that the post is my handtype work! :( But it doesn't at all! Because someone Hacking my Facebook! Whoaaa!!!! I hate it! Now, I don't have many friends left! Because of hacker! :( Bubye! X mao tules pnjg2! :( Tgh bad mood sekarang ni!